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Wind and hail storms occur in Southern Louisiana on a regular basis and it only takes a couple of minutes for your roof to get damaged.

Hail impact reduces the water shedding ability of the shingle as well as its expected service life creating the possibility of water intrusion over time.

The project managers at Mid City Roofing Services are Insurance Claims Specialists and will work with you and your insurance company throughout the entire claim process ensuring you are getting everything that you are entitled to.

When your insurance adjuster arrives at your home for an inspection, we are eager to meet them to walk them through the damaged area, point out areas of concern and be a liaison for you until the job is complete.

The only out of pocket cost to the homeowner is the cost of his deductible.

If you believe you have wind or hail damage due to a recent storm Give Us a Call. We are trained and experienced professionals ready to come out to your home and perform a FREE shingle inspection.